Award Distinction - Publications

Award Distinction Publications

November 29, 2017


International Prize (Wason Medal for Materials Research)

of American Concrete Institute (ACI) for the work:

Papadakis, V.G., C.G. Vayenas, and M.N. Fardis,

"Fundamental Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Concrete Carbonation",

ACI Materials Journal, 88(4), 363-373 (1991).

Ref.: Concrete International, 15(4), 15, April 1993.

TCG Bulletin, 1768, 77, July 12, 1993.


  1. Announcement by the American Concrete Institute for the Wason Medal for Materials Research, Annual Awards “progress through knowledge” April 1, 1993 - Spring Convention - Vancouver, B.C., Canada (download)

  2. Letter by the American Concrete Institute (download)

  3. Congratulations Letter from the University of Patras, Greece (download)

  4. Cover Photograph ‘AFM micrograph of silica fume particles’ by V.G. Papadakis at the Journal of Materials Science, Volume 34: Number 4: 15 February 1999 (download)