Concrete Carbonation

Concrete Carbonation

November 28, 2017

The part (tab) of the logical flowchart of the program for the calculation of the concrete carbonation depth and the estimation of the service life, as regards corrosion induced by the carbonation-initiation mechanism, contains:

  • a field that the user introduces the input data as regards the environmental conditions where the concrete structure is exposed
  • a field that the user is informed on the main concrete characteristics and CO2 diffusivity that influence concrete carbonation
  • estimation of concrete service life for a given cover to reinforcement
  • estimation of carbonation depth at a given concrete age
  • there is also the possibility to estimate the above results in the case of use of a protection measure, such as waterproof sealants or cement - lime mortar coatings


Pic.1: Service life for Concrete Carbonation Tab

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