September 07, 2016

The structure of EUCON Software Package is in full compliance with the:

  • EN 197 standard for cement (applicable to 27 types of cement)
  • EN 206 for concrete (including, the use of additions such as fly ash and silica fume, the use of various admixtures, etc).

Furthermore, It offers the possibility of investigating the efficiency of various protection measures, such as waterproof sealants, cement-lime mortar coating, inhibitors, etc.


First, the essential parameters that characterize a concrete composition (mix design) are selected.

Thereafter, the main chemical and volumetric characteristics of concrete are calculated (chemical composition of hydrated cementitious materials, porosity and related characteristics).

Based on the selected mixture proportions the compressive strength class of concrete is estimated.

For each significant deterioration mechanism, according to the specific environment where the structure would be found, an appropriate proven predictive model is used. The service life of the structure found in these environments, which cause either carbonation or chloride penetration, is calculated.

Finally, cost and environmental aspects regarding concrete composition are analysed.

Now, for the initially selected concrete composition, the most essential properties have been predicted, such as strength, service life and cost. The designer can then modify the concrete composition accordingly to improve further every required property.


For Demonstration purposes the following self-executable video file is avaliable. Please download and rename the file to ".exe"

EUCON - General Overview