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EUCON ® Software - Estimation
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EUCON ® Software - Estimation of Concrete Strength and Service Life

Welcome to the Eucon Design for Durability Web Site, a resource to help on durability design of concrete structures.

According to the principles of Sustainable construction and under the scope of AEIPLOUS Institute researchers developed mathematical prediction models of the mechanisms and rates of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures. The overall research approach led to the development of the concrete durability EUCON ® software package for estimation of concrete service life.

Based on the European cement (EN 197) and concrete (EN 206) standards, according to the aggressiveness class of the surrounding environment, specification of the fresh concrete composition (mix design and physiochemical characteristics) incorporating every type of cement available (CEM I, II, III, IV and V), additives or admixtures, is just “a few” mouse-clicks away.

Using fundamental models, developed by V.G. Papadakis et al, officially awarded by ACI (American Concrete Institute, Wason Medal for Materials Research) and validated against a vast number of experimental and field measurements, the service life of the concrete structure is reliably predicted. Furthermore, the possibility to examine classical or not, ways of protection and service life prolongation is provided. In addition, estimation of concrete strength class and aspects of production cost are also considered.

In general EUCON ® is a very useful and practical tool, on durability design of concrete structures, in providing an accurate mix design configuration, strength prediction and a reliable estimation of concrete service life.

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